What is it about?

Bio Week is an event organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Foods, intended to bring together actions directed to promoting and disseminating organic production systems and organic foods, programmed for any person, entity and, in general, agent interested in promoting this objective, and held for a whole week every year. It has been a regular event since 2013.

This year Bio Week has joined the Welcome to the Farm project and both events will be held together, so that Welcome to the Farm will become the starting gun for Bio Week, which runs from 3 to 9 June 2017. The joint holding of these projects is due to their similarity, since Bio Week is also based on visits to producers and other activities designed to disseminate and promote the production and consumption of Catalan organic produce.

Visits to organic producers, which form the principal action of both Bio Week and Welcome to the Farm, will take place on the 3, 4 and 5 June, and will involve the same requirements for participants which basically, in the case of organic producers, consist of being certified organic and selling local produce, opening the premises for the public to visit at certain hours during these days and offering the visits free of charge.

In addition to visits to organic producers, the Bio Week programme can also include other supplementary activities, and offers by restaurants. The supplementary activities must share the same objectives as the visits: emphasising the values of the area, its food production, local products and cuisine, increasing and improving the visitor’s experience as a tourist. These activities can be promoted by any interested local agent, except the producers, since these, if they wish to join in, can do so through the visits.

For the restaurants, those wishing to take part will have to offer a specific menu with products from at least three local producers (from the same district or from neighbouring districts), one of which, at least, must be organic.

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