Travel guide

Before leaving home

  1. 1. Opening hours

    Make a note of the free opening hours for most of the farms.

    Saturday and Sunday, 10.00 – 14.00 and 16.00 – 19.00 hour

    Check the information on each farm for their opening hours and plan your weekend to combine visits in these time bands. Remember that, as a general rule, the visits are guided and start on the hour.

  2. 2. Weather

    We recommend that you get the weather forecast beforehand and come prepared for walking in the country (a change of clothes, comfortable shoes, sunhat, etc.)

  3. 3. Ring up if…

    When preparing your weekend we recommend that you call the farm beforehand:
    – If you are a group of visitors together (more than 6 or 8 people), so that the people at the farm are ready for your visit
    – If you have any questions about whether the farm is suitable for people with reduced mobility
    – If you want to take your dog with you when you visit the farm, as animals are not always allowed
    – If you want to visit two livestock farms on the same day, check that there are no bio-security restrictions (to prevent any possible contamination between farms)

On the way

  • 4. How to get there

    We have tried to make the directions as clear as possible (GPS coordinates, signs on the road, etc.), but if you are worried while you are on the way, call the farm and they will tell you how to get there.

  • 5. If it rains a lot

    If it rains, or has been raining a lot, we recommend that you call the farm before you go to make sure that the way is passable

When you arrive

    1. 6. Identifying the people

      The farm managers will be identified with straw hats and corporate badges, these are what you look for

    2. 7. Where to park

      You park in the marked parking places. If you don’t know where to park, ask the people at the farm.

    3. 8. Waiting time and where to wait

      When you arrive, you may have to wait for a while for the start of the next visit. The farm managers will have arranged areas where you can wait

    4. 9. Súpers!

      If you are members of the Súper 3 Club, identify yourselves with the card and the farm managers will present you with a free gif

    5. 10. Respect the environment

      Be respectful with the trees, plants, gardens, vines and animals. They are the producers’ livelihood. Do not pick or touch anything without permission.

    6. 11. Restricted access areas

      During your visit, follow the instructions given by the person conducting the visit and respect the areas where access is restricted (taking special care with the children in the family). A farm is a working place and not all parts of it are suitable for visiting.

    7. 12. Every product has a season

      Products are seasonal and vary throughout the year, so that the tasting and/or sale of certain items may not always be possible. Even so, the farmers will explain the production process to you so that you know how the farm works in full production

    8. 13. Ask questions

      Ask questions. If you have never visited an agricultural or livestock farm, ask about anything you want to know. No-one knows the farm better than the people who work there.

For meals and sleeping

  1. 14. Benvinguts a Pagès menus

    Plan your weekend with an eye on quality and gastronomy. When you are ready for meals, you can get your lunches and dinners at the restaurants which offer the Benvinguts a Pagès menus, with dishes cooked with local seasonal products.

  2. 15. Benvinguts a Pagès places to stay

    Spend the whole weekend in the district you have chosen and spend the night there. You can stay in places which have joined the Benvinguts a Pagès programme; they will offer you a special package for the whole weekend!

  3. 16. Finding the establishments

    You can identify the restaurants and places to stay which are taking part in the project through the Benvinguts a Pagès web. When you are in the area you can recognise them by the corporate stickers that they will have put up at the entrance to the establishment.

Before you leave and on the way home

  1. 17. Tell us what you think

    Benvinguts a Pagès is a project which is intended to become established as an annual date. We are very interested in knowing your opinion and so we ask you, at the end of your visit, to take a moment to answer a short survey. At the farm they will tell you how to do it

  2. 18. Responeu i guanyeu

    Everyone who answers the satisfaction survey will be entered in a draw.

  3. 20. Talk about #benvingutsapagès18

    Share your experiences on the social networks and help to make people aware of this project, the idea is to bring them closer to understanding where what we eat at home comes from. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The hashtag is #benvingutsapagès18

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