What is it?

Benvinguts a Pagès La Festa (Welcome to the Farm Festival) is a weekend in which producers from the whole of Catalonia open up their homes to show their fields, herds, boats and workshops. Two unique days in which to rediscover where the food we eat comes from and get to know the people who grow or make the food that reaches our homes. An opportunity to have a great experience and to stock your larder by buying straight from the farmers and producers.

The free visits to the farms need to be reserved in advance through this website. The first weekend of October offer runs alongside the participation of restaurants that work with local produce, rural accommodation and related activities.


To ensure maximum safety, visits need to be booked in advance through this website and you need to respect the safety measures that are currently in force.

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Download our illustrated sheet of seasonal product for each month. You can even colour in the food that you eat!

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