Routes Bienvinguts a Pagès

Make the most of the Bienvinguts a Pagès La Festa and enjoy a full weekend. We suggest 7 routes for you that include participants in the Benvinguts 2021: producers, restaurants, accommodation, related activities and other recommendations for cultural and scenic visits. You can use the routes as a guide or just for inspiration. A different kind of tourism and gastronomic experience. We hope you like them!

Important note:
These routes are designed to be done during the days of Welcome to the Farm and the rest of the weekends until Welcome to the Farm starts. remember that the open days and free tastings, the menus “Welcome to the Farm” and the specific accommodation offers will be available during the days of the event. The rest of the year, the visits of the farm may have or not a cost and may requiere or not reservation. We recommend that you can contact with the different’s routes companies to enjoy it from outside of the framework of the Welcome to the Farm’s weekend.

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